It is not to late

It is many years since people were farmers and used the earth, it is not like that anymore. Now the technology have taken over almost the whole world. It all started by making machines that did the job more effective than the humans. But suddenly one day the machines started thinking themselves. They realised that they did not need the humans anymore, so they started to exterminate the humans. Some of us managed to survive. Today we are hiding for the machines. Not a single day goes by without being afraid. We all know we have to stand back against the machines, but neither I or any of the other survivors know how. Right now I am living up north in Europe. It is one of the places that still is a bit safe.


One day I went out to pick some berries, it wasn’t that much to eat, but the berries and other fruits helped us survive. I was walking towards the place I knew it was a big amount of raspberries, and it was at that moment I saw it. It was huge. It was obvious that the machine hadn’t seen me yet. I tried to be as quiet as I could. I knew I had to warn the others, so I turned around and started walking back to the camp. But then the worst thing happened, I stepped on a stick laying at the ground. In almost the exact same moment the machine saw me. I stopped for a second and looked in its eyes. It looked dead and soulless. I knew I couldn’t just stand here anymore so I started running.


When I arrived at the camp I warned everybody and screamed. The machine was only about hundred meters behind me. Some said we should fight it, and some meant we should just run. The ones who wanted to run left us. I was ready to fight, but it looked dark. The closer the machine came the more people ran away. In the end it was only three of us. The machine came close and started firing with its guns. It did not take long before I saw the buttons at its back that probably controlled the whole machine. I knew I had to get over there. I signalised to one of the other that they had to make a distraction. He threw a stone at the machine and it started walking towards him. I knew this was my chance. I ran towards it and jumped on its back. I had to climb a bit to get to the buttons. It was hard to hold on, but I made it. I did not know what to do so I just started ripping the whole thing apart. I realised that we actually could take down this machine, but it was still going towards one of the guys. The machine aimed its gun at him, but right before he managed to fire a shot it fell down and I knew it was dead. It was at that point I realised that the humans actually could win this.


Because we had prepared in class before we watched the movie, it was not that hard to follow the events. I found the language pretty difficult. The way they hd build up their sentences was different from what I am used to. Even though we had learned about a lot of words Shakespeare used in his time, it was still a lot of words I had never heard before. I didn’t quite understand what they said sometimes. I did understand what happened in the film because we had talked about it before we went to watch the movie. I am not sure if I would have understood the movie if we didn’t prepare before watching it.

In general, I liked the movie. The actors were great. The way they used lights and music made the atmosphere in the movie dark and scary. I understand that they used the old english because it was based on Shakespeare’s own text, but I think it would have been a lot easier to understand the film. I enjoyed the ending scene most, where you saw Banquo’s son coming back, and that he would probably be the new king. The thing I last enjoyed was the amount of blood, sometimes it was to much blood and it ended up a bit nasty. Also the scene where Banquo was killed were one of the scenes I enjoyed least.


Dear Donald

Dear Donald Trump

If you become the new president I hope you will reconsider your vision on immigrants. They are people just as you. I do not think that immigrants are trying to hurt your country. They are not murders or rapists. I do not think you know them well enough. Maybe you would have a very different vision on immigrants if you really knew them. I do not think building a wall will solve anything, maybe only make it even worse. Banning muslims from America is also not a way to solve the ISIS problem. Muslims are not ISIS. They are not terrorists. They are normal people who do not want to hurt anyone. Muslims are not the same as ISIS at all. ISIS have totally different visions compared to an average muslim. And then it is not right to punish muslims for something they have not done.

Family is obviously an important subjekt in your eyes, and I am agree. Family is important. But then why do you want every American to carry a gun? No matter who holds the gun, it is still a gun, and it is still dangerous. I do not see how it can be healthy for kids living in a house full of guns and weapons. I think you also should understand this. Your idea of having low taxes sounds great when you speak about it, but I can not imagine how it will help the poor and the middle-class. They will have to pay more when going to the doctor and etc. Very rich people would not lose that much paying a little more taxes, they would still be very healthy. This would help the poor ones and the middle-class considerably.

I also think you should reconsider your vision on women in general. Men are not better than women, and you can not do whatever you want with them just because you have a lot of money. America needs a president who looks at men and women as equals, and if you can not manage to change your vision about equality then I do not think you are the right person to lead America.

What is the best ways to remember things?

Sometimes it can be hard to remember things, for example remember something to a test. If you become interested in what you are learning about, it will become a lot easier to remember it. It is a lot easier to remember something that interests us. Another way to try remember something is by memorizing it over and over again. You can read it and then try to retell what you have read to someone. To associate what you are trying to learn with what you already know can also be a way to remember things better. I think that the best way of remember something is by reading it many times, over and over again.

“My Best Memory”

Today we walked around in the street of Oslo and interviewed tourists. In the beginning it wasn’t that natural to just walk up to someone and talk to them, but the more people we spoke to, the more natural it became. Under this text you can see one of the most interesting interviews we made.


“What is your best memory?”

“It has to be the time I met my lovely wife. It was about 12 years ago. I played saxophone in a band in Holland. One day I heard that another saxophonist had joined in our band. At first I was a bit mad, because I was the saxophonist in the band. Had I been replaced by another? Of course i didn’t like it. One day it was band practice and both me, and the other saxophonist were supposed to join. I walked into the room where we practiced and I saw the other saxophonist. It was a beautiful lady with short blonde hair. It didn’t take long before I wasn’t angry anymore. None of us was kicked out of the band, and we kept on playing for 5-6 years. And today she is my wife.”

First blog post

First blog post

I am Marius. I live in Hvalstad. It is a very nice place with kind people. Torstad was the name of the middle school I used to go to. I play football at Holmen IF. Holmen is a great club. Everyone one the team is friends, and I like hanging out with my teammates.

I am a bit worried about the future, and how the world will look like in 20 years. I hope I can help to make the world a better place for our future children. We have to come up with solutions to the big problems in this world soon.

I like going to the movies or having fun at parties in the weekends. As a teenager living in Asker it is a lot of things to do. Not just the urban life as walking around in Oslo, but you can for example also go skiing. It can sometimes be though as a teenager in Norway, you have to find your place in the society, and that is a difficult task. But still, for most of us, this will be happening naturally. As a teenager I have had a lot of fun this far, and I hope it will continue. I do like being a teenager in Norway, but of course, this is only from my perspective.